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Get my tablet back, lose my internet...People suck
Loneliness, a strange and bitter poison, quite common and yet one of a kind.
Oh! How is makes it’s drinker blind!
For it twists the soul and clouds the mind!
Once it has crept in, you see the world maligned!
Balking, at it and pushing away mankind.
Seeing none of the good, only the unkind.
It makes you hate, becoming hard and unrefined.
And yet you long for all to be redefined.
So you maybe intertwined and finally find some peace of mind
But that evil and bitter poison will not unbind.
Just a depression fueled crappy poem
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
A lone motorcycle was bulleting down the road, racing the storm clouds that were biting at the rider’s heels. The rider’s destination, a lonely old house, sulking on a hill still some distance away, the rider increased their speed, challenging mother nature in a race to the house.
“I told you we should have left sooner! But no, you just had to have one more drink!!” Steamed a voice that seemed to come from a skulled mounted to the space between the handlebars of the motorcycle.
“Shut up Seymour! We’ll make it!!” Shouted the rider
“No we won’t!!” Seymour the skull huffed
“Drama queen it’s just water!” The rider huffed
“Yeah!? Well talk to me when you’re made of metal and can rust!” Seymour retorted
“What the fuck would you like me to do!? I can’t control the weather!!” The rider shouted
Suddenly Mother Nature decided to put her two cents into the conversation, but suddenly dropping buckets of heavy rain on them. The rain was so intense, it made it difficult to even drive
“Fuck!! God damn it! I’m taking over! We’re taking that side road and finding some cover!!” Seymour shouted. Suddenly the bike took on a life of its own, turning down the aforementioned side road, in spite of the rider’s adamant protests.
The area for the main road was heavily wooded area, this gave this side road some protection from the rain, at least this road wasn’t as difficult to drive on, as it was not as slick as the main road now had become. Not too far down the road, seemed to be an abandoned rest area, which had a sort of 3 walled shed, with an opening wide enough for Seymour to pull right in.
“Ahhhh you fuck!! What the hell did I say about doing that!? Mother fucker what if we were seen you fucking moron!?” The rider shouted
“Well next time listen to me and I wouldn’t have to!” Seymour huffed
In a fit of anger the rider had thrown off their helmet, long wet leather jacket, even pulling off the black rain soaked band t-shirt they had been wearing. The white tank she was wearing under it was perfectly dry. The rider had been revealed to be a young Aye-Aye woman, in her mid-twenties. She also, took off the old scarf, she had used to hide her face, but this item, and she did not toss away in a huff. Instead she removed in in a careful manner, as if it were some delicate artifact. Hidden under that scarf, was a rather sweet faced girl, with an unfortunate scar. It went from just above her right eye, all the way her neck, stopping just under her jaw.
“We weren’t out in that long and I’m totally drenched…” She huffed
“Fuck! My braces! They can’t get wet!!” She grumbled as she rolled up her pant legs to examine the very elaborate leg braces she wore. Thankfully they were not too wet, the thick jeans and absorbed much of the rain.
“Well…I don’t want to say I told you so Galileo…But I told you so!!” Seymour said
“Shut it! It isn’t my fault that the weather man is a liar!! It wasn’t supposed to rain today!” She huffed
“We should have left that bar sooner!!” Seymour argued
“Well we fucking didn’t okay!? Fuck alright! You were right!! We should have left sooner!! Hail to Seymour the Fucking lord of rightness!!” Galileo shouted
“Well….No need to get snippy Kiddo…I was just saying…” Seymour said
“…I’m sorry…I’m just tired…” Galileo sighed as she sat down on an old weather worn bench. Her dark grey fur was wet, and she hated being wet, furthermore she hated thunderstorms. The fur on her tail puffed out more and more with each thunder clap. She pointed her honey color eyes to the ceiling of the shed, noticing that there was a small band of mice hiding in the beams above her head.
“Looks like we aren’t the only ones waiting out the storm here.” She said
“Yea, well as long as they stay up there! I hate rats!” Seymour exclaimed
“They’re just mice you drama queen!” Galileo said
“I am not a drama queen!” Seymour shouted
“Whatever man, just relax they are too frighten to come down here anyhow.” Galileo said
“Fine! But is they chew up my break like you’re the only one whose gonna suffer!” Seymour said
“Psh…If you crash and I die you’re gonna be stuck in that motorcycle forever!” Galileo laughed darkly
“That’s not why I care about crashing!!” Seymour huffed
“Alright, alright, I’m just screwing around man relax. I know, okay?” She said
“…Fine…”  Seymour said with an air of annoyance.
“God damn this place is creepy no wonder this place is fucking abandoned!” Galileo said, after looking around the shed and looking out to the rest of the rest stop area. She moved about the shed stiffly, in an unsteady gait, there were crutches fasten to a hostler on the side of Seymour, but she did not bother to get them.
“Right, it has nothing to do with the face that it’s raining cats and dogs out there!!” Seymour said
“…You know, on a random side note, I never did understand that expression…” Galileo said
“What?” Seymour asked
“That expression, it’s raining cats and dogs…Seriously where does that come from? I mean it’s clearly not raining cats and dogs! And furthermore, why cats and dogs?” Galileo wondered
“Beats me, never thought about things like that.” Seymour said
“And that’s why your soul is trapped in a motorcycle!” Galileo teased
“You can go kindly fuck yourself …” Seymour answered
The rain kept coming, with no side of it letting up, the sky grew darker and darker, making it seem as if it was well past midnight when it was actually only early in the evening.
“And I thought this place was creepy before!” Galileo said, as she looked up from her book. She had been reading by Seymour’s headlight.
“Fuck...looks like we get to spend the night here!” Seymour said
“Fuck that! It can’t rain this hard forever, we just have to wait until it lets up a little!” Galileo said
“I thought that’s what we’ve been doing!” Seymour said
Suddenly a strange breeze blew into the shed, which had been spared of the storms heavy winds thanks to the trees that surround it. This breeze, came with a sinister air, which would chill a lesser person to the bone.  Galileo on the other hand, growls as this eerie wind, glaring out into the rain soaked landscape, searching for the sinister specter that send it to her. Nothing could be seen, but a strange, uncomfortable thickness filled the air. It was the kind of thickness that could be felt in a sealed room on a hot summer day. In spite of the fact, they were outside and it was quite cool, due to the rain.
“I am so not in the fucking mood for this…” Galileo growled
“For Christ sake, can’t we ever catch a break!?” Seymour grumbled
Suddenly, there was a strange figure, just on the perimeter of the rest area, just inside the tree line. It was a tall black figure with long unkempt hair that hid the being’s face. The being made some sort of low growl, as if it were a predator who was on the hunt. Within a spilt second the being was gone, it was as if it was melted by the rain.
“What the hell is it?” Seymour asked
“I’m not sure. It was too far away, it could be just a run of the mill tortured spirit or it could be a Wendigo…” Galileo said
Wendigoes were a type of demonic spirit, they were once humans. But in life, they had a taste for the blood of their fellow humans, this was a terrible sin which had twisted their souls into the hideous creatures known as the Wendigoes.  Very few can see them, and even fewer are strong enough to banish them from the living world. Galileo Starr, was born with such abilities and uses them whenever she can to dispel these evil creatures and others like them.
Suddenly, a large tribal staff appeared in Galileo’s hands and glowing runic circle under her feet. Her eyes scanned for the creature, and she could finally see it, slowly creeping up to the shed, using whatever cover it could find, staying low to the ground, it looked like a woman, in a tattered blood stained dress, she had the general shape of a woman, but she had the limbs of a monster. Her legs, were more suited to a large wolf then a woman and her arms were black from dried blood as well as longer and wider then a normal woman’s arms. She had huge hands and instead of fingers, these massive sharp claws, that looked like serrated knives. There was a horrible smell that came off her, it was like rotting meat and death all mixed together.
“Yep, she’s a Wendigo alright….God I hate these fucking things…” Galileo cursed
“Hurry up and banish it!!” Seymour shouted.
Galileo did not run out to fight the creature, she couldn’t after all with her bodies physical limitations, she had to wait for the creature to get nice and close the she could spring her attack on it. The creature heard Seymour’s shouts and suddenly came charging at them, Galileo remained totally still waiting for the right moment. It charged at them full speed and was right in the opening of the shed in mere seconds.
“I banish you to the lower circles of hell!!” Galileo shouted suddenly and struck the creature, with her staff, just as it lunged at her. It howled in agony as it suddenly began to be pulled into the underworld, well it will be decide what level of hell this creature belonged to.  With one final roar the creature was gone, the rain washed away any trace of it, the thick sinister air gone as well. This abandoned rest stop suddenly lost its creepy vibe.
Galileo stood outside for a moment, letting the rain soak her down to the bone, no place ever returned to normal after something foul and evil got into it. She could kill the demon, banish the ghost, but she not undo the harm they caused, who knows how long that creature dwelled here, how many it had killed. But this lonely little rest stop knew, and standing there in the rain it seemed the place wept for the loss, but it too was joyful that the evil was gone. It was a bittersweet place now, it’s those bittersweet places Galileo liked the most.
“Kiddo…?” Seymour called
“Seymour, remember this place for me will ya? I wanna come back here.” Galileo said
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Galileo worked hard in college, she had won a full scholarship, that had paid for everything and she worked as a tutor and in the school’s library, for money for things like food and laundry. She didn’t have any family to help her, she was on her own and she didn’t mind that, she even preferred it that way. Since when she had finally achieved her goals, she could stand proudly and say she did it on her own. There were times when she even felt superior to her fellow students as, not only was she was top of her class in every class she had, she was also working and paying her own bills, she wasn’t still attached to “mommy and daddy’s purse strings” as she put it.
Galileo even though she was a medical major, was also on the student newspaper as, she liked to write, and she wrote 3 sections of the paper, they were all small articles, but size did not matter to her, she simply enjoyed writing. One was simple opinion column when she voiced her opinions on various topics. Another was reporting anything of interest in all fields of science, the final was usually a small article about something interest going on at the college, this was usually the front page stuff, but her reports were usually 3 to 4 pages long. Which was nothing to her, she could easily write 10 pages on anything if she set her mind to it.
In spite of being involved with so many things, Galileo did not have many friends, yet she preferred it this way. She was an Aye-Aye, and many people discriminated against Aye-Ayes, carrying on a hatred from ancient times. This made her distrustful of people, so she kept to herself. She got enough stares due to her disability, she didn’t want the added hassle of being an Aye-Aye.
It was a fine spring day, and Galileo was heading to one of her favorite classes advanced literature, she loved reading and jumped at the chance to discuss her thought on what she read. She walked with a cane, which made its usual “thud” sound as she walked across the tiled halls of the campus. Her footsteps made no sound, the only way you knew she was coming, was that usual “thud” sound. Galileo wore long baggy jeans with rips in them and an Albert Einstein T-shirt, under a worn brown men’s jacket. Due to the way she dressed and constantly hiding her face with her long hair, most people didn’t even realize she was a woman. When Galileo reached the stairs that would take her to her class she had to stop, her baggy jeans hid her leg braces that have different gears for different movements, much liking shifting gear on your bicycle. She looked around to make sure no one noticed as she rolled up her pant legs and shifted the gears, so she would be able to walk up the stairs. Once at the top she readjusted them and started off to her class again.
She was always the last one to enter the class room, she simply did not walk as fast as others and she was in no rush, she would get there soon enough.
“Tardy as usual Miss. Starr?” The professor stated
“Yeah well the best always comes last.” Galileo with a cheeky grin, as she always did.  She walked to her usual seat by the window, it would have been easier for her to sit by the door, but too many people chose seats on that side of the room, and that made Galileo feel anxious and crowded around, so she took a seat by the windows where it was emptier. Yes, that side of the room was very cold, in spite of the spring weather, it was always cold in this part of the classroom.
The class started shortly after she was settled in her seat, the professor started his lecture, Galileo as she usually does, allowed herself to tune out these opening statements and just watch her professor. She had a huge crush on him, to her, he was even more handsome as the Greek Adonis himself!  He entranced her, she loved everything about him, the way he talked, the way he sauntered around his classroom, and she even loved how he dressed. Always very fine suits, he was a fine and distinguished gentleman. Most of the time, she felt as if it was her and him in the classroom, happily discussing these books they read.  But, she knew better, that a relationship of any sort would be impossible, so she stayed silent never even dreaming of telling him her feelings.
This professor, was large man, he was an African Elephant, who stood well over 6 feet tall, and Galileo mere 4 feet and 6 inches was puny by comparison to say the least. He was on the heavy side, but that was a given, he is an elephant after all. He the great tusks and large ears that would expect an elephant to have. He also had brilliant blue eyes that Galileo just adored. She allowed her mind to dream of dates they would go on to there, plays, operas, ballets, even the museum. Romantic dinners, and things of that nature. She knew her dreams would never come true, but it was simply nice to have them. She came to her senses and played attention, just in time to hear the required page number of the book the class was working on. From there on she focused on her work, the book was “War and Peace” one of her favorite books, she had read it twice before and didn’t mind a third reading.
Sometime later, there was an assignment given, Galileo for some reason was having a hard time, with this word. There were just so many things about the book she wanted to talk about, she was having a hard time putting into a coherent paper. She decide to pay her professor a visit, hoping he could help her pin down her thoughts. She knew the times she was in his office and thought she would just stop by after lunch. Her medical professors loved having her drop by anytime she pleased, so she never thought to ask for a proper appointment with her English professor, certainly he too would love having his top student drop by just for a few minutes, she had to work that evening, so the visit would have to be short. She blushed at the thought of being actually alone with him, she had never visited his office before, and only spoke with him during class or for a few minutes as they left when the class was done for the day.
She stopped at the end of the hall, the door to his office just ahead of her. She told a deep breath to calm her nerves, she reminded herself that her daydreams were just that daydreams.
“Nobody want an Aye-Aye…” She said to herself.
She walked up to his door, and was about to knock on it, when suddenly she heard strange noises, it sounded like a woman’s moan and furniture being moved erratically. She froze, her large ears twitched at the sounds, her eye grew wider, when she heard a male’s grunts.
“….No…he…he wouldn’t do that…” She muttered in disbelief. Certainly her beloved professor would not stoop to something as sleazy as sex for better grades. No, some strange couple was getting the jollies, doing “it” in the professor’s office! That’s it! That had to be the case. She then heard talking, recognizing the voices of course, as her beloved professor and a fellow student, a girl she knew as “Candy”, a fox girl, that was all boobs and no brains as far as Galileo was concerned. She backed away from the door, disgusted at what she heard, she tried to walk faster, the faster she walked the harder she leaned on her cane, the louder the “thuds” were
All the way down the hall and around a corner she did not know, she didn’t care where she went she had to get away from there. Suddenly, there were more stairs, she didn’t have time and suddenly she slipped and fell right on her knees. She cried out loudly in pain, she had definitely injured something in that fall.  Galileo was then sobbing loudly, not from the pain of the fall, but the pain of her broken heart and shattered daydreams. It hurt to know what he was doing with “Candy”. As she sat there, hiding in the forgotten staircase, distraught over her discovery. Her honey gold eyes, had a sparkle in them, which brighten, at varying degrees depending on the situation, her eyes sparkled very brightly when she was in his class, but now they had lost all their luster, as she sobbed into her hands.
“It’s not fair…Why…HER!?” She cried
“Why!? Why would he do that!? There are so many women better than her!!” She went on
“…Why…why couldn’t it…be someone like me?” She cried softly.
“It’s not fair…She could have so many men…why him!?”
“Why…can’t someone like me get a chance?”
Soon her sorrow turned to anger, as it often does, in a rage she struggles to get herself off that floor, finding her cane, mere inches from her hands.
“It’s not fair!!! I put in all that work! The readings the stupid essays and the long ass term papers! I work hard to earn my grades, and some slut just lies on her back and gets the same grade as me!? It’s not fucking fair!!!” She raged She was disgusted with her professor, she thought him a man of integrity, who would never stoop to something so low and with a woman so…beneath him, as Galileo thought, sure she was beautiful, and had a wonderful body, but these things are fleeting, fine and fragile veneers that would soon fade, especially for someone who took her beauty for granted.
She stormed out that place and back to her dorm, she opened a very large bottle of whiskey she had stolen from some frat boys, some time ago. She lit her usual cigarette and turned to the only thing that gave her comfort, writing. It was a long article, full of sharp words, dripping with venom. Attacking people like “Candy”, demanding to know where the justice for the hard working student? The ones that try to earn their grades fairly? Her article, had a dangerous persuasiveness to it, many students agreed with her and suddenly every student who was particularly attractive found themselves the subject of rumors and questioning eyes.
“How did you REALLY earn that grade?” They were asked very often, no one believing them when they said they had studied or whatever the case maybe. Since she named no one and never reported her beloved professor, no formal investigations were made.
Galileo no longer watched her professor, she could barely look at him now, she rarely spoke as well, only speaking when called upon and only giving the shortness and most curt of answers. She now watched as Candy and her friends squirmed in class, people making wisecracks about them.
“Hey girls! Tell us, do different “favors” earn you different grades? Like does a blow job get you a B?” Some joked
“Or to you have to fuck the professor a certain number of times? Like 10 times gets you pass or something?” Another laughed.
The girls of course constantly told the jokers to “Shut up” or “Fuck off”, Candy wore a constant look of shame. Galileo knew it was wrong to take pleasure in this, but she couldn’t help it. Finally, the pretty girls were getting what they deserved, finally they were the ones being looked down upon, instead of them looking down on others, or at least this is what Galileo told herself, that they deserved the jokes, the jeers and the rumors. They were all spoiled, having had everything given to them, never knowing what it’s like to never have to never be good enough. Now they had a taste of what it was like on the other side.
Soon, the work she in for her Advanced Literature class started to slip, sure it was still the best work of anyone in the class, but it was not up to the same standards as the Professor had come to expect for Galileo. Not only that, she came is later than usual as well, never saying a word or offering an excuse, she just came in, like an angry tiger, poised to attack someone, if the chance offered itself. Then one day, came the biggest shock of all, even the students were surprised, she simply did not show up.
Hey there, sorry I disappeared there, but my tablet was busted anyway, I have a mountain for stories to post to make up for it! Enjoy them! Hope everyone is well
Get my tablet back, lose my internet...People suck


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