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Heres a slight taste of the stuff I write.



It’s was a stormy night, the great thunderstorm, crashed down on the tiny coastal town. The thunder roared and the lighting danced across the pitch black sky. The wind howled through the streets, biting at anyone who dared to be on the streets tonight. The townspeople knew only fools would roam the streets on a night like this one, and it seemed there was but one fool out in this, battling the wind and the rain as it made its way to a small church close to wall that acted as a barrier between people and the sharp, rocky, teeth of the shore.
This figure, certainly soaked to the bone, struggled to maintain a good grip on a dark wooden cane, now slick from the rain, the figure bent over, like an old man struggled to hobble into the safely of the church, which thankfully was open, even at that late night hour, in which this person was roaming the streets.
Once inside, the figure stood up properly and shook off as much rain as possible, before removing the large black raincoat they had been wearing, as well as the black bowler hat they had been wearing. Under that bowler hat was a large pair of bat like ears, but their owner was most certainly not a bat. Underneath those large ears, were a pair of deep gold colored eyes, the rest of this person’s face was hidden by a tattered silk scarf, which too was removed due to being soaked as well. Once removed it revealed the face of a young Aye-aye, somewhere in their 20’s. On the right side of this person’s face was a scar it curved over the eye down the cheek and went right under the chin, ending on the neck, where the “Adam’s apple” would be if this person were a man.
The girl took out a damp handkerchief and tried to wipe off her cane as best she could. She threw her wet things over the back of a nearby pew, the place was thankful warm, as she was chilled to the bone. She sat down at another pew and breathed a heavy, tired sigh and then looked around for a moment, it was a small quaint church, made of stone and stained glass the pews were old and made of wood the padding rather new and quite plush, someone must have felt the need to make the daily church goers more comfortable. There were many tables off to the sides of the church, with many brass candle holders, you were allowed to light a candle for a lost loved one, for a small donation of course. She then looked down and rolled up her soaked pant legs, she wore leg braces on both of her legs and it was now too uncomfortable to wear them. She pulled off her soaked boots and then started to work on the brace straps, working from the bottom up on both of them. She pulled them off, she wiped them off as best as she could and left them on pew next to her. Another sigh of relief escaped her, but her legs were quite sore and is was nearly impossible to move without the support of the braces.
“How terribly ironic for one such as me to end up in one of your houses isn’t it?” The girl mused as if she were talking to god directly.
“ME! Galileo Starr, born an Aye-aye, cursed this broken body and powers I never wanted!!” She shouted
“You gave me a triple whammy huh!? Not only am I an Aye-Aye, which we both know isn’t a great thing to be! Then you have to give me this damn condition, where my own body falls apart and then as an added bonus, I can see the spirits of the dead! So let me ask you? Why me?! I mean 3 million people in the world and you choose me! Why? No one likes Aye-ayes!! I can’t even get some spirits to speak to me because of what I am? So why not pick someone more likable? Like a cat girl? Everyone loves a cat girl!! I can’t even get a fucking room in the sleaziest inn in the damn town!! Why? Because I’m a mother fucking Aye-aye that’s why!! It’s not fucking fair!!! There are so many terrible people in this world and yet you choose to pick on me!! Why!? What did I ever do to you!? I never ever asked to be created!!” She shouted into the dark church.
She stopped to catch her breath, she wore out easy and she was already exhausted. She then glared up at the cross which, hung over the front of the church, and then as she took a few steps forward.
“Oh but I forget, you hate us Aye-ayes to right!!? That’s what everyone says, that even you hate us!! If you hate Aye-Ayes so much, why the fuck did you make us in the first place!? It’s not fair!! We are your children too!! We deserve as much love and respect as anyone else!! Why aren’t we good enough!? Why don’t you love your Aye-Aye children? I want to be loved!! I deserve it!! Tell me why!? Why am I not enough…?” She muttered finally running out of steam. She heart ached, countless times she had be rejected by others simply due to the fact that she was an Aye-aye. Hot tears welled up in her eyes, she had come to this town at their request, the docks being haunted by a very violent spirit that’s making it near impossible for people to leave or board their ships safely. She worked hard to find the spirit, it’s no easy task for someone with her limitations, hobbling around on slick and uneven docks and dock hands and sailors alike growled and yelled at her, threating her with certain death and a watery grave if she dared to even breath to close to them, their boats or anything else they valued.
She sat in the pew, looking down as her tears hit the floor, her sobs echoed through the empty church. This carried on, until she was able to settle herself down, she pulled out a small box of cigarettes and lit one, smoking right there in the church, if someone were to walk in to the church right there, it would have caused quite a scandal as Galileo appeared to be using the church as her own private inn. Anger filled her as she became disgusted with herself for crying as much as she had done.
“You know what!? Fuck you!! Fuck you and the whole damn world!! I’m threw helping people, from now on, I’m using these damn powers for me and only me!! I’m going to right the wrongs with my life, starting with this shitty little town! They thought that the dock ghost was bad!? Ha! They ain’t seen nothing yet!!” Galileo snarled. She stood suddenly and then wobbled on her weak legs, she used the pew for support, suddenly the church was filled with these strange little spirits, they were very small, only coming up to Galileo’s knee. They were very dark and looked like hunk of coal with arms and legs. They had eerie glowing eyes, which were all fixed on Galileo.
“My darling spirit friends, I know it’s been a while, since you’ve been able to run free and have fun. Tonight, you get to run amok! We’re going to make everyone pay for all the injustices of this world!” She shouted
“Go! Go to every inn and boarding house and break as much as you want!! Bang on the wall as loud as you can!! Shatter windows! Throw picture and books! Relish in their fears!! Show them we are not just trash that they can kick around!!” She ordered, the little dark spirits, wearing eerie glowing grins now.
She watched them as they vanished into dark wisps and then grinned evilly at the screams of terror she soon heard. She looked back at the cross, and then down at the floor
“You should have loved us too…” She said
Sorry I haven't been here, Its just that school has run me ragged, but I'm almost done!! Yay!! I graduate on Dec. 10!! So excited!! Well I now have some breathing room so I'm gonna try to be here more
Get my tablet back, lose my internet...People suck
Loneliness, a strange and bitter poison, quite common and yet one of a kind.
Oh! How is makes it’s drinker blind!
For it twists the soul and clouds the mind!
Once it has crept in, you see the world maligned!
Balking, at it and pushing away mankind.
Seeing none of the good, only the unkind.
It makes you hate, becoming hard and unrefined.
And yet you long for all to be redefined.
So you maybe intertwined and finally find some peace of mind
But that evil and bitter poison will not unbind.
Just a depression fueled crappy poem
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
A lone motorcycle was bulleting down the road, racing the storm clouds that were biting at the rider’s heels. The rider’s destination, a lonely old house, sulking on a hill still some distance away, the rider increased their speed, challenging mother nature in a race to the house.
“I told you we should have left sooner! But no, you just had to have one more drink!!” Steamed a voice that seemed to come from a skulled mounted to the space between the handlebars of the motorcycle.
“Shut up Seymour! We’ll make it!!” Shouted the rider
“No we won’t!!” Seymour the skull huffed
“Drama queen it’s just water!” The rider huffed
“Yeah!? Well talk to me when you’re made of metal and can rust!” Seymour retorted
“What the fuck would you like me to do!? I can’t control the weather!!” The rider shouted
Suddenly Mother Nature decided to put her two cents into the conversation, but suddenly dropping buckets of heavy rain on them. The rain was so intense, it made it difficult to even drive
“Fuck!! God damn it! I’m taking over! We’re taking that side road and finding some cover!!” Seymour shouted. Suddenly the bike took on a life of its own, turning down the aforementioned side road, in spite of the rider’s adamant protests.
The area for the main road was heavily wooded area, this gave this side road some protection from the rain, at least this road wasn’t as difficult to drive on, as it was not as slick as the main road now had become. Not too far down the road, seemed to be an abandoned rest area, which had a sort of 3 walled shed, with an opening wide enough for Seymour to pull right in.
“Ahhhh you fuck!! What the hell did I say about doing that!? Mother fucker what if we were seen you fucking moron!?” The rider shouted
“Well next time listen to me and I wouldn’t have to!” Seymour huffed
In a fit of anger the rider had thrown off their helmet, long wet leather jacket, even pulling off the black rain soaked band t-shirt they had been wearing. The white tank she was wearing under it was perfectly dry. The rider had been revealed to be a young Aye-Aye woman, in her mid-twenties. She also, took off the old scarf, she had used to hide her face, but this item, and she did not toss away in a huff. Instead she removed in in a careful manner, as if it were some delicate artifact. Hidden under that scarf, was a rather sweet faced girl, with an unfortunate scar. It went from just above her right eye, all the way her neck, stopping just under her jaw.
“We weren’t out in that long and I’m totally drenched…” She huffed
“Fuck! My braces! They can’t get wet!!” She grumbled as she rolled up her pant legs to examine the very elaborate leg braces she wore. Thankfully they were not too wet, the thick jeans and absorbed much of the rain.
“Well…I don’t want to say I told you so Galileo…But I told you so!!” Seymour said
“Shut it! It isn’t my fault that the weather man is a liar!! It wasn’t supposed to rain today!” She huffed
“We should have left that bar sooner!!” Seymour argued
“Well we fucking didn’t okay!? Fuck alright! You were right!! We should have left sooner!! Hail to Seymour the Fucking lord of rightness!!” Galileo shouted
“Well….No need to get snippy Kiddo…I was just saying…” Seymour said
“…I’m sorry…I’m just tired…” Galileo sighed as she sat down on an old weather worn bench. Her dark grey fur was wet, and she hated being wet, furthermore she hated thunderstorms. The fur on her tail puffed out more and more with each thunder clap. She pointed her honey color eyes to the ceiling of the shed, noticing that there was a small band of mice hiding in the beams above her head.
“Looks like we aren’t the only ones waiting out the storm here.” She said
“Yea, well as long as they stay up there! I hate rats!” Seymour exclaimed
“They’re just mice you drama queen!” Galileo said
“I am not a drama queen!” Seymour shouted
“Whatever man, just relax they are too frighten to come down here anyhow.” Galileo said
“Fine! But is they chew up my break like you’re the only one whose gonna suffer!” Seymour said
“Psh…If you crash and I die you’re gonna be stuck in that motorcycle forever!” Galileo laughed darkly
“That’s not why I care about crashing!!” Seymour huffed
“Alright, alright, I’m just screwing around man relax. I know, okay?” She said
“…Fine…”  Seymour said with an air of annoyance.
“God damn this place is creepy no wonder this place is fucking abandoned!” Galileo said, after looking around the shed and looking out to the rest of the rest stop area. She moved about the shed stiffly, in an unsteady gait, there were crutches fasten to a hostler on the side of Seymour, but she did not bother to get them.
“Right, it has nothing to do with the face that it’s raining cats and dogs out there!!” Seymour said
“…You know, on a random side note, I never did understand that expression…” Galileo said
“What?” Seymour asked
“That expression, it’s raining cats and dogs…Seriously where does that come from? I mean it’s clearly not raining cats and dogs! And furthermore, why cats and dogs?” Galileo wondered
“Beats me, never thought about things like that.” Seymour said
“And that’s why your soul is trapped in a motorcycle!” Galileo teased
“You can go kindly fuck yourself …” Seymour answered
The rain kept coming, with no side of it letting up, the sky grew darker and darker, making it seem as if it was well past midnight when it was actually only early in the evening.
“And I thought this place was creepy before!” Galileo said, as she looked up from her book. She had been reading by Seymour’s headlight.
“Fuck...looks like we get to spend the night here!” Seymour said
“Fuck that! It can’t rain this hard forever, we just have to wait until it lets up a little!” Galileo said
“I thought that’s what we’ve been doing!” Seymour said
Suddenly a strange breeze blew into the shed, which had been spared of the storms heavy winds thanks to the trees that surround it. This breeze, came with a sinister air, which would chill a lesser person to the bone.  Galileo on the other hand, growls as this eerie wind, glaring out into the rain soaked landscape, searching for the sinister specter that send it to her. Nothing could be seen, but a strange, uncomfortable thickness filled the air. It was the kind of thickness that could be felt in a sealed room on a hot summer day. In spite of the fact, they were outside and it was quite cool, due to the rain.
“I am so not in the fucking mood for this…” Galileo growled
“For Christ sake, can’t we ever catch a break!?” Seymour grumbled
Suddenly, there was a strange figure, just on the perimeter of the rest area, just inside the tree line. It was a tall black figure with long unkempt hair that hid the being’s face. The being made some sort of low growl, as if it were a predator who was on the hunt. Within a spilt second the being was gone, it was as if it was melted by the rain.
“What the hell is it?” Seymour asked
“I’m not sure. It was too far away, it could be just a run of the mill tortured spirit or it could be a Wendigo…” Galileo said
Wendigoes were a type of demonic spirit, they were once humans. But in life, they had a taste for the blood of their fellow humans, this was a terrible sin which had twisted their souls into the hideous creatures known as the Wendigoes.  Very few can see them, and even fewer are strong enough to banish them from the living world. Galileo Starr, was born with such abilities and uses them whenever she can to dispel these evil creatures and others like them.
Suddenly, a large tribal staff appeared in Galileo’s hands and glowing runic circle under her feet. Her eyes scanned for the creature, and she could finally see it, slowly creeping up to the shed, using whatever cover it could find, staying low to the ground, it looked like a woman, in a tattered blood stained dress, she had the general shape of a woman, but she had the limbs of a monster. Her legs, were more suited to a large wolf then a woman and her arms were black from dried blood as well as longer and wider then a normal woman’s arms. She had huge hands and instead of fingers, these massive sharp claws, that looked like serrated knives. There was a horrible smell that came off her, it was like rotting meat and death all mixed together.
“Yep, she’s a Wendigo alright….God I hate these fucking things…” Galileo cursed
“Hurry up and banish it!!” Seymour shouted.
Galileo did not run out to fight the creature, she couldn’t after all with her bodies physical limitations, she had to wait for the creature to get nice and close the she could spring her attack on it. The creature heard Seymour’s shouts and suddenly came charging at them, Galileo remained totally still waiting for the right moment. It charged at them full speed and was right in the opening of the shed in mere seconds.
“I banish you to the lower circles of hell!!” Galileo shouted suddenly and struck the creature, with her staff, just as it lunged at her. It howled in agony as it suddenly began to be pulled into the underworld, well it will be decide what level of hell this creature belonged to.  With one final roar the creature was gone, the rain washed away any trace of it, the thick sinister air gone as well. This abandoned rest stop suddenly lost its creepy vibe.
Galileo stood outside for a moment, letting the rain soak her down to the bone, no place ever returned to normal after something foul and evil got into it. She could kill the demon, banish the ghost, but she not undo the harm they caused, who knows how long that creature dwelled here, how many it had killed. But this lonely little rest stop knew, and standing there in the rain it seemed the place wept for the loss, but it too was joyful that the evil was gone. It was a bittersweet place now, it’s those bittersweet places Galileo liked the most.
“Kiddo…?” Seymour called
“Seymour, remember this place for me will ya? I wanna come back here.” Galileo said
Sorry I haven't been here, Its just that school has run me ragged, but I'm almost done!! Yay!! I graduate on Dec. 10!! So excited!! Well I now have some breathing room so I'm gonna try to be here more


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